The Blackening

Blacker than the blackest black times infinity

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So anon on /v/ did or posted an edit of the new Zero Suit Samus for Smash bros and… I can’t be alone here can I? I really like the edit.

900000000% better

Can we PLEASE have the edit?

Removing the high heels would require a model edit, and possibly rerigging. I doubt it.

the colors on the after suit look pretty ugly. on top of that, those big dumb looking boots do not match or compliment the sleekness of her zero suit.

It’s also a great idea to give her a bland forgettable color scheme like next-gen brown instead of bright blue or even orange.

Are people really that pissed off about heels that they go through all that effort?

Do people really hate Raiden that much too?

The edit is using a color scheme similar to her power armor. Does that mean that her armor is ugly now?

Its not a simple brown either. It makes use of a variety of shades of different colors. But I’m sure its more convenient to just ignore what doesn’t support your point.

This has nothing to do with Raiden or Bayonetta or any other character. Making overtly false equivocations is fucking stupid. The heels look dumb on this character in this instance. Some people disagree and thats fine. But don’t fucking rain on the parade of the people that have already lost. Samus is going to wear her dumb heels, you’ve won. Stop trying to make those that don’t like them out to somehow be bad because they dont share your position. Its a fucking opinion.

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